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November 20, 2009

Om Nom Nom now has it’s own Flickr account as well as a Yahoo account. However, Om Nom Nom has no intentions of being available for Yahoo IM.

Today I felted four bags. One will need to be beaded, another I had to cut part off of so I will need to create the piece to go on top so that it still fits the food it is supposed to be, one lost a bit of its shape, and the last has been lined and has the zipper added.

I also started another bag that I intend to felt early tomorrow.

Opening is still on Monday as planned. I do not know yet how many will be immediately available until I have set up a time to meet with one of the two Om Nom Nom models.

Now it’s back to editing some pictures of liners and loading them to flickr.


Slow and Steady

November 4, 2009

Today I pulled out and separated items that I intend to put in the store for the opening and it looks like I do not have quite as many as I was hoping to have. We will see.

Finished another shrug for the most part. The going price for shrugs will be about 275$

I am also considering placing my Foundling Nemo hat in the shop. It is a heavily modified version of a Knitty pattern called “Dead or Alive?” To best insure I did not end up with an angry designer or fan of that designer I have contacted her for permission for the one-time sale for this heavily modified version of her pattern. So if it is in the store and you want it – act fast because I do not intend to have another one up for sale.