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The Story of Om Nom Nom (Pt1)

November 28, 2009

I hope everyone had a decent enough black Friday and that none of you were involved in any of those unpleasant merchandise related altercations. Yours truly has never felt compelled to plunge into the consumer craziness so this year, much like past years, I did not participate.

On to the reason this post is titled how it is:

I come from what seems to be a decent length line of crocheters. And try as they might my grandmothers were not able to advance me further than a wicked chain.

Do you remember those cartoons you watched as a little seeing the way people looked like they were knitting? I do – and I tried to do it just that way.

Enter my mother who took pity on her (very) little girl and taught her how to knit correctly. I learned a backward loop cast on and off I went. I liked the way teeny needles looked so I chose needles size 1 – 4. And having no sense of gauge I knitted very tightly. So tightly in fact that it made it difficult just to knit a stitch. It was partially because of this that is the explanation for why it was years until anything worthy of the phrase “finished project” made it’s way on the scene.

Stay tuned to learn what comes next in the saga . . . .

In other news – have you heard that the fabtastical show Monk is ending? Season 8 will be the final season and the loose ends of the show are supposed to be tied up. The Trudy mystery will finally be cleared up for us. As exciting of a prospect as that is I am very sad to see one of my absolute favourite shows be canceled. From what I have read here it seems production costs have exceeded the shows worth.

Monk, you will be missed.


Brand New Day

November 1, 2009

Om Nom Nom Studios is not technically a new thing. I have had other stores. Two ebay and one other Etsy. My Etsy has been less than a total success in the last years so I decided to make more of a go at what I love and revamp my shop.

Pro-Portional Designs is not officially open just yet. I am currently creating stock and hope to open with no less than twenty items. The target time for store launch is within two weeks of  Thanksgiving 2009.

I previously ran a book blog called Petit Epicurean Ver De Livre, that has fallen somewhat down by the wayside. When it was up and running it was featured on Trashionista as well as Bridal Wave. Life happened and made keeping up with that particular blog nearly impossible.

For the time being this blog will not look quite how I would prefer it did unless I get some help or during one of my breaks I take the time to make this a little more aesthetically pleasing. Please bear with me while I get all the site sup and running at the same time as stocking the store for it’s imminent launch.