Sneak Peeks

November 12, 2009

These photos have already been loaded to the Facebook fan page and after this post will be loaded to the Myspace fan page.

Here are a few sneak peeks at items that will be featured in the store.

This is the first photo that I released:
sneak peeks,Sneak peek,shrimp,shrimpy,sushi

Here is the second:
Sneak peek,sneak peeks,ATHF,aqua teen hunger force

This last one is an in progress picture – which is the first picture showing the entire item.


Launch Date Nearly Set

November 10, 2009

I said I did not want to open with less than twenty items and this looks like it will indeed be more than a little possible. I have a girl who has agreed to do the modeling for the shots and who also seems to intend to help put together the photos in an eye catching way for the store. My second “helper” is still away but will soon once again be available.

Once I hear back from my model – we will see if the launch date of November 25th is a lock.


November 9, 2009

This is my attempt to explain how I personally go about pricing items.

I have been a painter for years (I know this blog is about my knitting but stay with me here). When I was in high school the price I asked people for was the price of the canvas + 10$ – people complained the prices were extreme at 30$, 40$, and 50$.

Eventually I came up with a small system. I would total the price of the canvas, the materials used, and I paid myself 5$ an hour. People then found my prices astronomical.

For the items in Pro-Portional’s store I do not pay myself a set hourly wage. Every day I work no less than 10 hours – usually closer to 14. The pricing has a lot to do with the amount of money spent on yarn – and I try to bring you the same high quality I would want. So I try to avoid using anything scratchy or that will fall apart. Buying a terrible quality item isn’t worth the money on the first place.

I do my best not to ask more than I myself would be willing to pay for any of these items if I really and truly wanted them.

I ask that you consider the fact that an item like a shrug will take me anywhere from 2 – 8 days of 10 – 14 hours of work depending on the amount of detail and the style of the knit.

If you think my items are overpriced – I’m sorry.

Slowly I Turn

November 8, 2009

A few days ago I pulled out the items that I intend to sell and I nearly have the decided 20 items to open the store. I felt any less than twenty and there wouldn’t be too much to see. This amount gives me enough time to try and finish and load other projects before the stock has too much chance of dwindling.

One of the people that will probably be involved in the “photo shoot” for the items to be listed is away for about another week so once he is back I can get photos and should have enough stock to officially open.

First Follow Friday

November 6, 2009

As you know Om Nom Nom is new to Twitter. And apparently it is “Follow Friday.” Your mention on Follow Friday is appreciated today.

All’s Quiet on the Mid-Western Front

November 5, 2009

Shrugs numbers one and three are now finished. Shrug number two is on the back burner because I want to make sure this design comes out as close as possible to how I see it in my mind (and my sketchbook.)

Work has begun on one of the scarves that I will have for sale. The going rate for my scarves will be about $150.

Slow and Steady

November 4, 2009

Today I pulled out and separated items that I intend to put in the store for the opening and it looks like I do not have quite as many as I was hoping to have. We will see.

Finished another shrug for the most part. The going price for shrugs will be about 275$

I am also considering placing my Foundling Nemo hat in the shop. It is a heavily modified version of a Knitty pattern called “Dead or Alive?” To best insure I did not end up with an angry designer or fan of that designer I have contacted her for permission for the one-time sale for this heavily modified version of her pattern. So if it is in the store and you want it – act fast because I do not intend to have another one up for sale.


November 3, 2009

Two followers on Twitter – exciting since they are people I don’t actually know.

Worry Ma Bebbeh’s

November 2, 2009

I threw this party once and one of the guys got so drunk he just kept standing on my porch railing saying “Don’t worry ma’ bebbehs!.” His wife found it to be a great time to worry.

As I said before I am trying to pretty things up here for you. I just spent HOOOOOOOOOOOOURS trying to do just that. First I got the CSS code just right – but then it wanted me to pay. Then I spent no less than three hours messing with the wordpress download. I am not thrilled because out of all of those hours of work I have nothing pretty to show you.

Om Nom Nom now has a Twitter so please go follow and don’t be scurred to spread the wurrd. I have not yet figured out how to cutify or add the Twitter widget. I tried to add it to the Om Nom Nom Myspace page and all that did was slow things to a hault that yielded in no widget.

80s,80's cartoon,cartoons,toon

Plans include a possible Live Journal page as well as a (distant future) actual website. However, hours of wrastlin’ with code and whatnot have left me swearing.

Brand New Day

November 1, 2009

Om Nom Nom Studios is not technically a new thing. I have had other stores. Two ebay and one other Etsy. My Etsy has been less than a total success in the last years so I decided to make more of a go at what I love and revamp my shop.

Pro-Portional Designs is not officially open just yet. I am currently creating stock and hope to open with no less than twenty items. The target time for store launch is within two weeks of  Thanksgiving 2009.

I previously ran a book blog called Petit Epicurean Ver De Livre, that has fallen somewhat down by the wayside. When it was up and running it was featured on Trashionista as well as Bridal Wave. Life happened and made keeping up with that particular blog nearly impossible.

For the time being this blog will not look quite how I would prefer it did unless I get some help or during one of my breaks I take the time to make this a little more aesthetically pleasing. Please bear with me while I get all the site sup and running at the same time as stocking the store for it’s imminent launch.