Drive-Thru Subway? (Pic Heavy)

Today the hubby and I had plans to travel about two-hours away. As with most longer than normal drives this involves getting up a bit earlier than you may want to on a weekend and in many cases leaving your house without eating – and I personally am always hungry.

I wish I could remember what exit this was off of so that anyone who passes by it when they are in Ohio can have the opportunity for the amusement I was in for.

I chose to eat Subway instead of McDonald’s. We drove up and I remarked how sad and lonely the store looked – it was then that my husband pointed out the anomaly – DRIVE-THRU! Perhaps one of you has seen or heard of this but it was a particularly new one on me and I was just a bit excited.


Having brought my camera to make sure I start taking more pictures to keep you entertained I got it out. I really wanted to get out of the car to get more/better ones but there was a car waiting behind us at this point so all photos are taken from inside the car.

I was so excited about all of this I could barely order.


The food took longer than I felt it would if I had just gone inside. We were, however, VERY hungry by the time we had gotten here so perhaps that is only my tummy and not the clocks conclusion about all of this.

While we waited I decided to take hungry pictures. But those came out poopy.

Then I decided to take sneaky hungry pictures of my husband but apparently did not have the camera aimed where it should have been for the shots I wanted. He found this funny.


I felt compelled to take pictures of us getting the food to help prove the reality of this drive-thru.





. . . it tastes so good with mayonnaise.


Chewtime will be so proud of me for finally taking some food pictures!


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2 Responses to “Drive-Thru Subway? (Pic Heavy)”

  1. Miss Amy Says:

    Hey, if you got off an exit off of 270…it looks like the Alum Creek Drive exit. And I only say that b/c of the building in the background. I can’t believe you haven’t seen a subway drive thru before. I thought there was one in Grandview Hts.

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