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Gyro Feedbag

Originally uploaded by Om Nom Nom Studios

And now for something . . . slightly different. Before opening I tried to closely guard a lot of my projects – not just to make sure someone else didn’t make their own and get it out there first but so that I didn’t ruin the surprise.

For whatever reason I decided to go ahead and pot a little something ahead of time.

This is an in progress picture of the gyro feedbag complete with pita pocket, lamb, tomato, and lettuce. The biggest downside to what I do is that I can be so easily influences. And since I am making things I love all I want to eat until I move onto another food is whatever I am making.

I realize one photo isn’t terribly exciting and if anyone who read this knows anything about wordpress or hosting the photos on your blog via flickr and is willing to give me any how-to’s I’m all ears.

Blogs really aren’t what they used to be. The ability to customize them is fabulous but the confusion that can sometimes be involved in creating said fabulousness – sux it.


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