This is my attempt to explain how I personally go about pricing items.

I have been a painter for years (I know this blog is about my knitting but stay with me here). When I was in high school the price I asked people for was the price of the canvas + 10$ – people complained the prices were extreme at 30$, 40$, and 50$.

Eventually I came up with a small system. I would total the price of the canvas, the materials used, and I paid myself 5$ an hour. People then found my prices astronomical.

For the items in Pro-Portional’s store I do not pay myself a set hourly wage. Every day I work no less than 10 hours – usually closer to 14. The pricing has a lot to do with the amount of money spent on yarn – and I try to bring you the same high quality I would want. So I try to avoid using anything scratchy or that will fall apart. Buying a terrible quality item isn’t worth the money on the first place.

I do my best not to ask more than I myself would be willing to pay for any of these items if I really and truly wanted them.

I ask that you consider the fact that an item like a shrug will take me anywhere from 2 – 8 days of 10 – 14 hours of work depending on the amount of detail and the style of the knit.

If you think my items are overpriced – I’m sorry.


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