Worry Ma Bebbeh’s

I threw this party once and one of the guys got so drunk he just kept standing on my porch railing saying “Don’t worry ma’ bebbehs!.” His wife found it to be a great time to worry.

As I said before I am trying to pretty things up here for you. I just spent HOOOOOOOOOOOOURS trying to do just that. First I got the CSS code just right – but then it wanted me to pay. Then I spent no less than three hours messing with the wordpress download. I am not thrilled because out of all of those hours of work I have nothing pretty to show you.

Om Nom Nom now has a Twitter so please go follow and don’t be scurred to spread the wurrd. I have not yet figured out how to cutify or add the Twitter widget. I tried to add it to the Om Nom Nom Myspace page and all that did was slow things to a hault that yielded in no widget.

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Plans include a possible Live Journal page as well as a (distant future) actual website. However, hours of wrastlin’ with code and whatnot have left me swearing.


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