Moving Day

December 2, 2009

I’ve moved! You can now find me here

Drive-Thru Subway? (Pic Heavy)

November 29, 2009

Today the hubby and I had plans to travel about two-hours away. As with most longer than normal drives this involves getting up a bit earlier than you may want to on a weekend and in many cases leaving your house without eating – and I personally am always hungry.

I wish I could remember what exit this was off of so that anyone who passes by it when they are in Ohio can have the opportunity for the amusement I was in for.

I chose to eat Subway instead of McDonald’s. We drove up and I remarked how sad and lonely the store looked – it was then that my husband pointed out the anomaly – DRIVE-THRU! Perhaps one of you has seen or heard of this but it was a particularly new one on me and I was just a bit excited.


Having brought my camera to make sure I start taking more pictures to keep you entertained I got it out. I really wanted to get out of the car to get more/better ones but there was a car waiting behind us at this point so all photos are taken from inside the car.

I was so excited about all of this I could barely order.


The food took longer than I felt it would if I had just gone inside. We were, however, VERY hungry by the time we had gotten here so perhaps that is only my tummy and not the clocks conclusion about all of this.

While we waited I decided to take hungry pictures. But those came out poopy.

Then I decided to take sneaky hungry pictures of my husband but apparently did not have the camera aimed where it should have been for the shots I wanted. He found this funny.


I felt compelled to take pictures of us getting the food to help prove the reality of this drive-thru.





. . . it tastes so good with mayonnaise.


Chewtime will be so proud of me for finally taking some food pictures!

The Story of Om Nom Nom (Pt1)

November 28, 2009

I hope everyone had a decent enough black Friday and that none of you were involved in any of those unpleasant merchandise related altercations. Yours truly has never felt compelled to plunge into the consumer craziness so this year, much like past years, I did not participate.

On to the reason this post is titled how it is:

I come from what seems to be a decent length line of crocheters. And try as they might my grandmothers were not able to advance me further than a wicked chain.

Do you remember those cartoons you watched as a little seeing the way people looked like they were knitting? I do – and I tried to do it just that way.

Enter my mother who took pity on her (very) little girl and taught her how to knit correctly. I learned a backward loop cast on and off I went. I liked the way teeny needles looked so I chose needles size 1 – 4. And having no sense of gauge I knitted very tightly. So tightly in fact that it made it difficult just to knit a stitch. It was partially because of this that is the explanation for why it was years until anything worthy of the phrase “finished project” made it’s way on the scene.

Stay tuned to learn what comes next in the saga . . . .

In other news – have you heard that the fabtastical show Monk is ending? Season 8 will be the final season and the loose ends of the show are supposed to be tied up. The Trudy mystery will finally be cleared up for us. As exciting of a prospect as that is I am very sad to see one of my absolute favourite shows be canceled. From what I have read here it seems production costs have exceeded the shows worth.

Monk, you will be missed.

Script Flip

November 25, 2009

Gyro Feedbag

Originally uploaded by Om Nom Nom Studios

And now for something . . . slightly different. Before opening I tried to closely guard a lot of my projects – not just to make sure someone else didn’t make their own and get it out there first but so that I didn’t ruin the surprise.

For whatever reason I decided to go ahead and pot a little something ahead of time.

This is an in progress picture of the gyro feedbag complete with pita pocket, lamb, tomato, and lettuce. The biggest downside to what I do is that I can be so easily influences. And since I am making things I love all I want to eat until I move onto another food is whatever I am making.

I realize one photo isn’t terribly exciting and if anyone who read this knows anything about wordpress or hosting the photos on your blog via flickr and is willing to give me any how-to’s I’m all ears.

Blogs really aren’t what they used to be. The ability to customize them is fabulous but the confusion that can sometimes be involved in creating said fabulousness – sux it.

Long Strange Trip

November 23, 2009

Magic Cheeseburger

Originally uploaded by Om Nom Nom Studios

The store opened last night (or for some of you, this morning) at midnight and I am pretty happy with how things have gone. I think for the short period of time the store has been open I have already had a decent amount of item views.

This is my first post using my Flickr blog . . . um . . thingy. You can connect your Flickr and your blog so that your pictures can be posted in a more eye humping format. So I have no idea just how visually appealing this will be.

Crunch Time

November 22, 2009

The store opens Monday at 12 midnight. For those of you are night owls like myself this means that it opens very late Sunday night or as some may say Sunday at midnight. For those of you who are on a more correctly functioning calendar it opens Monday morning at 12 AM.

There’s a lot of stress here right now. I have a lot of feeling of apprehension and worry and I have yet to meet in person with a model for photos. The plan is to meet with the newest Om Nom Nom model tomorrow for photos. We will see if this does indeed manage to come to fruition. I am aware that eventually I will be forced to be my own model – but as things are right now I am not confident enough that I will offer quite the cute look I am hoping to convey.

Today three more bags had linings and zippers sewn in. I am hoping since right now it looks like I may not have photos with a model in time that items like the bags will help fill the wait for the remaining listings.

The listings have indeed been made but are not “active” on Etsy yet. I think my last count was that there were about 26 inactive listings on for my shop on Etsy.

I ask that those of you who know me in person or those of you who have come to know me from any of my other social networking sites tell your friends once we are open to help make this project become a success. Or as I like to say – don’t be scurred to spread the wurrd.

In other new – THE Ohio State buckeyes won against Michigan wolverines and it has been 2,191 days since Michigans last victory over Ohio State. May I say on behalf of all buckeye fans – we love you Dick Rod.


November 20, 2009

Om Nom Nom now has it’s own Flickr account as well as a Yahoo account. However, Om Nom Nom has no intentions of being available for Yahoo IM.

Today I felted four bags. One will need to be beaded, another I had to cut part off of so I will need to create the piece to go on top so that it still fits the food it is supposed to be, one lost a bit of its shape, and the last has been lined and has the zipper added.

I also started another bag that I intend to felt early tomorrow.

Opening is still on Monday as planned. I do not know yet how many will be immediately available until I have set up a time to meet with one of the two Om Nom Nom models.

Now it’s back to editing some pictures of liners and loading them to flickr.

Store Opening Moved Up

November 19, 2009

Pro-Portional Designs Etsy opening has been moved up from Wednesday, November 25th, 2009 to Monday, November 23rd, 2009.

It looks as if there will also be another model – who shall remain nameless for the time being.

I finished another bag today and plan to felt it with the others very soon (I’d like them to be available for the opening.)

Store Launch – Possibly Moved Up

November 17, 2009

Alright a lot of items have been “pre-listed” on Etsy. Meaning that I have listed the majority of the items I have ready for sale and their descriptions but not pictures and the listings have not been activated so the public will not see them. That had to be an incredibly grammatically incorrect sentence.

I really want not only the launch to be successful but the store as well so I am trying my best to present all items in the best possible ways.

There are a few concerns that there will be last minute problems that keep the store from opening on time so I will be trying to take more pictures tomorrow without the planned model, Elizabeth K., to insure that Pro-Portional Designs will open on or before November 25th, 2009. If I do open early the launch date will most likely be Monday, November 23rd, 2009.

The reason for a lot of this being put off is that there is a particular item I made and it is not my size which is what spawned my decision to have/use a model (who it should fit but I will not know until the date she comes for us to take pictures.)

Also, I am very uncertain about shipping. So right now all shipping costs have been estimated by using USPS’s online shipping calculator. As mentioned in my store policies customers will be charged a shipping and handling fee. The handling fee is pretty much to cover the packaging.

That covers most of what is going on for now.

Things Have Been Better

November 14, 2009

. . . and indeed they have.

First, I finally tried out the two cameras I had pulled specifically to use for work for the shop and they both weren’t working. I finally have one up and running but the other is still giving me just a bit of grief.

Second, I just spent a few days making bags. After REPEATED runs through the washing machine AND boiling – everything white IS NOT FELTED.

Third, I feel like all the pictures I took look like poop. Will have to wait until the OmNomNomStudios model, Elizabeth K. – is free.

Fourth, I am feeling more than incredibly nervous about the opening. Worry? Launch fail.

Now that this bleak blog has been written and is ready for post it’s off to begin a new bag that does NOT contain the “colour” white so that it will felt correctly.